• Rachael Stanley

Just a Moment

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

As a nurse, transformative life and wellness coach, neighbor, wife, woman, and human I am HUGE advocate for self-care! The health benefits are published, the results can be felt by anyone, and the reality is that self-care doesn’t take a lot of time. But…

Just a moment for yourself can make a difference.

There are moments when my life feels out of control, I start forgetting things, I am easily distracted, I find myself procrastinating, or I cannot seem to focus. When the world feels like too much to handle... I take a step back and analyze how much of my energy has been spent on actually nurturing myself. The answer in these moments is…uh, um, well…let’s just say “lacking” is putting it mildly.

Okay. Guess what? I’m human. I get busy. I get overwhelmed. I get lost in other priorities. I even make excuses. But when these moments occur I know self-care is what will actually bring balance, calmness, and rejuvenation to my day. Self-care looks different for everyone, and it can absolutely change day-to-day.

Incorporating self-care into my morning routine was a deliberate act today. I got out of bed instead of losing myself on social media. I drank a full glass of water instead of buying an overly-sweetened, overly-priced, not-really-amazing hot beverage. I put on my most comfortable clothes and walked outside with my work gloves. Yes, work gloves! I took a breath and really appreciated the beauty around me on this cool, overcast morning. Then guess what…started to cut down the (no-longer producing) summer garden.

While this may sound like work to you, in my reality, gardening is one of my hobbies. I LOVE to garden and I have neglected this passion of mine for some time. I only needed a few moments in my garden to feel inspired. I took my time, found a few critters, and realized how much I’ve missed being with just myself. I felt at peace and full of clarity.

Take a moment and experience the beauty around you.

We are all given the same 24 hours in each day. Yes, there are priorities, but when is the last time you did something rejuvenating JUST for you? Not for work, your spouse, your kids, your pets…but just for you? It only takes a moment to feel the benefits and the connection with yourself is what decreases the impact of the swirling, stressful world around us.

I challenge you to take as much time as you can for yourself today. Even if it is only closing your eyes and breathing for 30 seconds. Maybe go for a walk. Kindly decline an invitation or say yes to one! Whatever your self-care looks like…I know you won’t regret it. You’ve got this my friend!

If you need a few ideas to get started check out my earlier post sharing my 10 favorite ways to practice self-care for International Self-Care Day.

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