• Rachael Stanley

One Thought Changes It All.

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Believing that you are not enough?

Have you ever been stuck in a downward spiral of not feeling good enough? That was my morning. I paced around the house not accomplishing much, overwhelmed by the little things and creating an endless list of things to do in my head. I listened to the voice in my head that compares the great accomplishments of others to my “small” accomplishments. I scrolled endlessly on social media searching for happiness. It was not my proudest morning. 

I came across a short clip on Instagram (part of my endless scrolling) that transformed my morning. (Unfortunately, I could not find it again after it played or I would credit it here). The statement that stuck with me was:

“Suffering ends where meaning begins.”

In that moment I knew I was creating my own suffering by not feeling good enough. I took a (long) moment to contemplate this statement. Yep…right now I was causing my own suffering. I chose the negative belief that I was not good enough, tried to feel more important by attempting to get everything done, and started to compare myself to the accomplishments of others. I felt really awful and sought happiness through social media. Yikes…all because I believed one negative thought!

I wanted out of this negative state! I fell back on my favorite affirmation and told myself, “I am enough.” But it wasn’t quite enough today. I realized I needed to find meaning in myself.

Finding meaning in myself took a little more contemplation…

1. Education/Profession: My accomplishments are my own, and I gave myself permission to acknowledge them. I have dedicated countless hours to my education and profession. I’ve achieved awards, recognition, and praise. I’ve been top of my class, offered positions on committees, and asked to mentor others. I am a transformative nurse coach who will soon be board certified. Heck yeah! I allow myself to feel deserving of what I have accomplished!

2. Relationships: My relationships have caused many tears, but they also gave me the opportunity to dive inward and process my traumas, fears, dreams, and desires. I have learned so much about myself because of other people I chose to share my life with. I choose to spend my time with others who add meaning to my life and learn something from anyone who enters it.

3. Fate: There have been circumstances, beyond my control, that I initially thought set me back in life. What I realize today is these circumstances created additional opportunity for personal growth, slowed my chaotic life down so I could breathe, and course corrected my life’s journey. All fantastic things!

My life is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Period. But through all the suffering I have learned my life has meaning. I have so much to offer this world – my love, my compassion for others, and my belief that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. My life is not perfect, but each day I make progress and try to be the best version of myself. I love to be in service of others and give back to the community around me. I became a nurse coach to extend my nursing knowledge about health and wellness to others who are seeking less suffering and more meaning in their life. I have the perfect job (it doesn’t feel like a job at all)!

I am enough. My life has meaning and purpose. I choose to let go of negative self-beliefs, self-induced stress, and suffering. I have the power to transform my day and make a difference in the lives around me.  

I release what no longer serves me…I feel better already!


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