Health & Wellness Coaching

At the time I was referred to work with Rachael as a Nurse Coach, I had already made the decision to address my health issues of high blood pressure and being overweight.  I had taken a few steps towards changing my lifestyle, but I was stuck and needed to figure out what to do next. 

Rachael helped me to step away from the emotional feelings I had about my progress and create a sustainable plan. Together we explored options and modified my health plan multiple times until it was right for me.

I cannot speak enough about the support I received from Rachael.  Rachael’s ability to partner with me was remarkable. Once we had a walking coaching call so that I would not miss my scheduled walking time. I walked in my neighborhood and Rachael walked in her neighborhood as we talked and it was awesome!!! 

Rachael helped me to unlock my inner motivation and to understand that all progress matters!! Rachael knew just the right words to say and the right questions to ask to help me recalibrate, revamp and re-energize my journey toward a healthier lifestyle.  Rachael is highly recommended!!!


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