Health & Wellness Coaching

Rachael became my nurse coach shortly after having surgery on my arm for a work-related injury. I went from being very active to having a lot of restrictions on what I could do at home and at work. This was a challenging time for me and Rachael came into my life at the perfect time! She provided me with encouragement and support throughout the healing process and reminded me of the importance of taking things slow and letting my body heal. She helped me to set personalized goals that were achievable and together we created a plan on how I would accomplish them and how I would overcome obstacles that could arise.

Aside from helping me through the recovery process of surgery Rachael helped me in so many other ways! Using a holistic approach that addresses many different components of wellbeing she helped me overcome relationship problems, work related issues, and other general life struggles that came up during our time together.

Rachael encouraged me to be my most authentic self, and I truly felt like I could be that with her. I felt safe in the judgement free environment that she created and left each conversation feeling inspired. She asked me powerful questions that helped me to think outside of the box and see myself in a different way.

After our sessions I would receive a follow up email that summarized everything that we had discussed. This made feel special and I could tell that she listened to everything I was saying. It was also a great reference to have as a reminder of my goals. 


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