Life & Wellness Coaching

I was a stay at home mom that was having a serious lack of self care.  I was making sure everybody else was taken care of and forgot to take care of myself.  I learned that saying No is a form of self care and have been using it more than ever. LOL  I also found and fell in love with meditation.  It soothes my weary soul.

I liked how open Rachael was with me.  She put me at ease even though I had never met her.  She made me open up and tell her about my life. I looked forward to talking every week with her.

Like above I learned that No is a powerful word.  I also enjoyed taking a hour to myself to talk to Rachael.  I looked forward to it every week.

I have learned that I am likable even though it is easy to doubt that.  I learned that I am stronger than I thought and I that it is perfectly okay to say I need down time.

I think my best friend would benefit.  She needs to learn of the same things I did and I think Rachael would show her how to be calmer in her day to day life.


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