Health & Wellness Coaching

I started working with Rachael because I was looking for someone to hold me accountable for my goals and to help me work through the resistance that was keeping me from being successful. I was struggling to create and stick to a consistent self care routine for over-all health but more specifically to reduce an old knee injury from flaring up and preventing me from doing the activities I enjoy. I found that I would keep up with the exercises if I was in pain but once the pain was gone it was easy to get out of the habit until the next flare up. I knew the answer was consistency of exercises but it was easy to make excuses or put them off.

Rachael helped me get clear on exactly what I wanted and how I was going to execute my plan. We covered all the small details so excuses were minimized, obstacles removed or back up plans were ready. Rachael set me up for success then cheered me through each week, checking in to see if changes needed to be made or if new obstacles needed to be addressed and handled.

I would recommend Rachael to anyone ready to make change in their lives and need help putting a plan together or those who know what they want but need someone to help keep up the momentum. Rachael is passionate about her work and it is clear that she genuinely cares about helping her clients reach their health goals and find their happiest selves.


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