Health & Wellness Coaching; The Daring Way™

My sessions with Rachael were very helpful. I have many current stressors (both old and new) and welcomed the opportunity for some help managing them. I found the structure of speaking with Rachael brought some insights and new perspectives to consider. The stressors are still there, but the coaching was very helpful with ways to manage them so I do not feel so overwhelmed.

Rachael is very calm and empathetic. I felt she really heard me and understood my concerns. She made no judgments about me or my life, but had some very concrete suggestions and helped me make some achievable goals for stress management. Throughout each session, Rachael was very thorough in making sure she understood what I was saying and was very much a guiding partner. She absolutely did not tell me what to do!

I believe Rachael’s background as a registered nurse in the health field, her education and her personal spiritual journey uniquely qualify her in this field. I would definitely recommend Rachael as a nurse coach as an adjunct to counseling or to holistically address management of a medical challenge.


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