Life & Wellness Coaching

When I began working with Rachael, I felt like my life was spiraling out of control. Although I had some good habits, I was completely overwhelmed with works stress, relationship and family stress, and the mental workload that is typical for parents of young children. Rachael helped me find manageable ways to tackle much of that stress, small step by small step. She is warm, caring and encouraging, and I felt completely comfortable talking about very personal issues with her. In the weeks that I worked with Rachael, I was able to make some seemingly small changes that have had a profound effect on my mental health - I'm now meditating daily, exercising regularly after a long hiatus, and enjoying a better relationship with the people close to me. I've also made some major decisions in my career. I so highly recommend Rachael's coaching style to anyone looking to make life changes (both big and small), with the support of an intuitive, caring coach. Thank you, Rachael!


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