Life & Recovery Coaching; The Daring Way™

Rachael is absolutely fantastic. I have to admit I was a little bit worried going into the first session. I have some pretty serious stuff going on in my life - sexual addiction, relationship trauma, and a high stress job. My concerns were immediately put to rest. Rachael does a fantastic job of being present, no matter what difficult topics I bring up. She gives me exactly what I need - she asks powerful questions, shows amazing compassion for what I am experiencing, and encourages me to be the best version of me possible.

What stands out the most from our sessions together is Rachael's ability to pull out positive truths. I feel inspired and motivated, able to take on the world, after each and every session. I would enter the sessions feeling stuck and would leave feeling empowered. I would highly recommend Rachael to anyone facing challenges in their life, no matter if they are big challenges or small challenges. Rachael is an absolute delight.


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